President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Government will support the island's developmental needs, as conveyed by the council. He made the commitment while speaking with the residents of Omadhoo Island in Kolhumadulu Atoll during his ongoing trip to the atoll.

The President emphasised that the Government would prioritise the interests of the people. In that regard, he stated that the Administration would focus on resolving the issues of space constraints and facility limitations at Omadhoo Island School. The President also pledged to place more emphasis on projects aimed at improving the people's livelihoods, including water and sanitation projects and projects aimed at the economic prosperity of the people.

President Dr Muizzu further committed to supporting the councils, enabling citizens to fully realise the economic potential of the uninhabited islands within their purview. He reiterated his remarks on the necessity of reviewing the developmental projects and submitting the reviewed list in order of significance to the island's development.