President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the Kolhumadulu Atoll Council Members tonight. This meeting was held at the Kolhumadulu Atoll Council Secretariat. At the meeting, council members applauded the President for his promising and reassuring response after listening to the people's concerns.

During the meeting, the council members detailed specifics of the developmental needs of the atoll. They emphasised the need for the Atoll Hospital to be redeveloped to modern standards and to introduce tourism on four islands of the atoll. They additionally shared their vision for an international airport with an economic zone based in the atoll, proposed the development of a fish factory, and shared the challenges of intra-atoll travel in the Kolhumadulu Atoll with the President.

In response, President Dr Muizzu announced his decision to redevelop the Atoll Hospital. He then shared the Administration's development vision for Kolhumadulu Atoll with the council members. The President urged all members to work on a plan to utilise uninhabited islands within their jurisdiction, aiming to benefit all island councils under their purview.

The President further stated that the Government would fully support individual councils in seeking investors from sectors related to the Government's core policies. He assured that the Government would fully support Kolhumadulu Atoll in achieving meaningful developmental progress.

On this trip, the President is accompanied by a delegation of high-level Government officials.