President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the Island Council and Women's Development Committee (WDC) of Guraidhoo Island today. The meeting was held in the Secretariat of the Th. Guraidhoo Council.

During the meeting, the President conveyed his delight in visiting the island and added that the Administration's development initiatives follow the resident’s most pertinent requests. The President also highlighted that the Guraidhoo Airport development project would commence within the year, per the residents' requests.

The council members noted the prominence of Guraidhoo Island's airport project for the island's development. They also underscored the need for health sector development and relayed concerns from the fishing community regarding the current rates and dues.

The council members further highlighted the need for road construction and the development of sports facilities for youth. They additionally noted the need for a school bus, especially during the rainy season, due to road conditions, space constraints in the Council Secretariat, and the necessity of easing the council's financial burden in light of budgetary constraints.

The President emphasised the policies laid out during his Presidential Address yesterday for the development of the fisheries sector by the administration. He additionally assured the council members that he would work towards resolving their issues after consulting with relevant authorities.