President Dr Mohamed Muizzu officially inaugurated the Minimum Medical Requirements Facility at the Social Centre tonight. He launched the facility as a part of his initiatives to create facilities equipped with healthcare services at locations hosting major national and international sporting events.

This initiative requires a minimal standard to be followed for the medical rooms on sporting grounds. These healthcare facilities are established to guarantee first aid to players, officials and spectators at national and international sporting event venues if required. The facilities also aim to ensure patients receive prompt medical attention and secure transfer to a hospital or emergency room in emergencies.

The development of health service standards required at locations hosting national and international sporting events is a key pledge in the Administration’s “Hafuthaa 14” road map.

Following the inauguration of the Social Centre's medical room, the President inspected the facility. He also observed this year's Basketball season opening at the Social Centre. Promoting sports and providing dedicated health care to athletes are among President Dr Muizzu’s Presidential Pledges.