President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih marked on Thursday a significant milestone in the development of Addu City with the completion of land expansion projects on Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, and Maradhoofeydhoo Islands. This also includes three islands earmarked for tourism development and the Hankede area. This completion of land expansion projects signifies the initial steps towards transforming Addu City into a vibrant global city. The President's ongoing visit to the city underscores his commitment to this vision.

The land expansion project in Addu City is being executed under a Line of Credit facility provided by the Exim Bank of India. It is contracted to Van Oord India Pvt. Ltd. The project aims to add 190 hectares of land to Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, and Maradhoofeydhoo Islands, as well as three islands designated for tourism development and the Hankede area.

As part of this initiative, 76 hectares of land have been added to Maradhoo and Maradhoofeydhoo, while Hithadhoo Island has seen an expansion of 80 hectares. An additional project is currently underway to expand Hulhumeedhoo Island by 42 hectares.

This administration is committed to developing Addu City as a regional economic hub. The development projects in Addu City include the land expansion project, the construction of 124 kilometres of roads throughout the city, and the modernization of Addu International Airport to accommodate 1.5 million tourists annually. These initiatives represent a significant investment in the future growth and prosperity of Addu City.