Vice President Faisal Naseem attended the closing ceremony of the U12 Milo Academy Championship 2023 on Saturday. The event was held at Henveiru Football Stadium, where the Vice President watched the final and third-place games.

The two-day Milo Academy Championship 2023 U12 tournament showcased the talents of children from 22 teams. In the final match, Maziya Academy defeated Alika Sports Academy with a score of 0-1. M.S. Mates secured third place in the tournament.

During the closing ceremony, Vice President Naseem commended the Soccer Veterans Club for organising a football competition for children of various ages. He emphasised the importance of consistently hosting such competitions to cultivate a younger generation of talented athletes. Additionally, the Vice President highlighted the value of sportsmanship in teaching essential life skills and encouraged everyone to embrace it.

The Vice President presented the championship trophy to the winning team at the ceremony. Additionally, he awarded medals and cash prizes to the top-performing teams.