Vice President Faisal Naseem inaugurated the Maldives' first prosthetic and orthotics laboratory at Hulhumalé Hospital on Wednesday. The new laboratory is part of the administration's efforts to equip healthcare facilities with specialists and establish state-of-the-art facilities to provide high-quality health services in the country.

At the inauguration event, the Vice President stated that the administration is prioritising expanding the healthcare sector, focusing on the well-being of all people, and addressing the needs of disadvantaged groups. The establishment of a prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing laboratory, according to the Vice President, will significantly benefit numerous individuals, particularly those who have lost limbs due to accidents, diseases, or congenital conditions. The Vice President also emphasised the benefits of a laboratory providing prosthetic implants and custom-made orthotic devices.

Highlighting the collective efforts of government institutions in advancing healthcare services across the nation, Vice President Naseem acknowledged the achievements made in this regard. The Vice President also recognised the contributions of all those who played a role in this endeavour. In particular, the Vice President expressed gratitude to the Indian government for assisting in establishing the laboratory and emphasised the various foreign contributions to advancing the healthcare sector.

The Prosthetic and Orthotics Laboratory will provide advanced medical care to individuals who have lost limbs due to accidents, diseases, or congenital conditions. The laboratory will offer prosthetic implants and custom-made orthotic devices, improving the quality of life for patients and empowering them to lead dignified lives.

Previously, prosthetic and orthotic assistive devices were sourced from abroad. However, by establishing a laboratory in Hulhumalé Hospital, the government's procurement costs for such devices are expected to be reduced threefold, and service delivery will be expedited. Developing a comprehensive healthcare system is among the administration's priorities in addressing the healthcare needs of all people.