The Vice President announces the imminent opening of the Senior Citizens Centre

Vice President Faisal Naseem announced on Monday the upcoming opening of the Senior Citizens Center in Malé City. The announcement was made during his speech at the 10th-anniversary function of the Maldives Senior Citizens Association, held at the STELCO meeting hall.

At the function, the Vice President announced the completion of development work for the Senior Citizens Centre in Malé and its upcoming opening. He also shared plans to establish similar centres in Hulhumalé and other atolls, emphasising the benefits these facilities will provide to the youth and elderly populations.

The Vice President also underscored the importance of senior citizens' experiences, stating that a country advances by utilising the thoughts and ideas of all people of all ages. He recognised the contributions of senior citizens as role models and their previous sincere services to the nation and state.

During the function, the Vice President launched “Dhivehi Is’rahvehinnah, Loaiybaa’eku” (With Love, for Maldivian Senior Citizens), a book by Mohamed ‘Madulu’ Waheed donated to the Maldives Senior Citizens Association. He also received a copyof "Dhivehi Raajjeyge Radiogai, Alhuganduge Ba'eh Handhaanthah" (A Memoir in Maldives' Radio) authored by Baduru Naseer, a member of the association and recipient of the Order of the Dignified Rule of the Dhiyamigili Dynasty (ODRDD). The book details the author’s experiences in radio broadcasting.