President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday met with the Island Council and Women's Development Committee (WDC) members of Nilandhoo Island in the Faafu Atoll. The meeting was held at the secretariat of Nilandhoo Council this morning.

During the meeting, the President extended his gratitude to the council members for their hospitality towards him and the accompanying delegation. He acknowledged that the island's residents had raised several significant matters during their earlier meeting, which were subsequently discussed during the council meeting.

During the meeting, the council members highlighted seven pressing needs pertaining to tourism development, coastline protection, construction of a police station, a new council secretariat building, expansion of health services, including the introduction of dialysis facilities and establishment of an intensive care unit in the hospital, relocation of the powerhouse, enhancement of ferry services, and provision of suitable premises for the efficient functioning of the Qur'anic centre's branch on the island.

In response to the concerns the council and WDC members raised, President Solih affirmed his dedication to working with relevant stakeholders to tackle the identified issues effectively. He emphasised that the administration would prioritise the relocation of the powerhouse and the construction of the harbour while also giving due importance to the development of the police station and the construction of a new building for the council secretariat.

Following the council meeting, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed visited the Faafu Atoll Hospital, where they engaged with the management and staff to gain insights into the challenges faced and the initiatives undertaken to enhance healthcare services in the region.

Afterwards, the President inaugurated the newly established "Tadrees Al-Quran Al-Kareem" Quran class and toured the facility with the First Lady. The facility currently caters to over 100 students, with two classrooms in operation. Initially founded in 1969 as the "Hendunu Class," the institution has undergone significant transformations.

The President and the First Lady are on an official visit to the inhabited islands of the North Nilandhe Atoll. They are accompanied on the visit by a high-level delegation of the government.