President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday officially reopened the Olympus building following a significant modernisation and upgrading project of the cinema and theatre. The building was renovated and modernised as part of the administration’s policy on providing avenues to promote the creative skills and talent of the youth.

The project was funded by the government and a "High Impact Community Development Project" grant from the government of India. Improvements made to the theatre building include the installation of a retractable motorised screen, a modern digital projector, new surround sound and lighting systems, a control room, and the addition of practise rooms and changing rooms.

The upgrades to the theatre also include a more spacious café, a backyard stage for small events and concerts, and ramps for wheelchair accessibility. Olympus was opened 64 years ago, in 1959, and paved the way for developing the music, motion picture, and performing arts industries.

First Lady Fazna Ahmed, High Commissioner of India to the Maldives, Ministers and entertainment industry stakeholders attended the ceremony.