Vice President Faisal Naseem stated on Wednesday that the most significant contribution the construction sector can make in the fight against climate change is exploring and adopting green construction options. He made this remark while speaking at the opening of the 45th International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Associations (IFAWPCA) Convention. The five-day convention is held at Paradise Island Resort.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice President highlighted the relevance of the convention's theme to the Maldives, "Construction with Conservation: Building a Better World." He noted that despite the country's massive construction boom, it has the world's lowest terrain, making it one of the most vulnerable to climate change and rising sea levels.

The Vice President recognised the significance of using and recycling materials in construction, building smarter, and incorporating alternative energy sources. "It should not stop with nature. Conservation should also focus on preserving our rich culture and heritage," he added.

The Vice President also shed light on the development of the construction industry in the Maldives, adding that since the introduction of tourism over 50 years ago, the residential, corporate, and industrial construction sectors have undergone a significant transformation. He stated that Maldivian tourist resorts are second to none regarding design and construction standards.

The Vice President also stated that local artisans, designers, and contractors are taking great strides alongside their international partners and that their creative skills, craftsmanship, and innovative ideas are reflected in the concepts and new resort developments seen today. He also called on more local companies to explore the prospects of carrying out construction projects in other countries.

IFAWPCA is an international federation comprising 19 member countries across Asia and the Western Pacific region that promotes social and economic progress through construction development. It is the first IFAWPCA Convention held in the Maldives since the Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI) joined the federation in 2007.