The Vice President on Saturday met with the council members of Kulhudhuffushi City. He travelled to the city on Saturday morning to attend the International Youth Day 2022 celebrations.

At the meeting with the council members, the members applauded the administration’s initiatives to improve healthcare services across the country and noted the significant progress brought to Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital by the administration. They also spoke about the development of a tertiary hospital in the city.

The Vice President also inquired about the most pertinent needs of the city’s residents. The council members highlighted the need to expedite coastal protection and runway lighting at the airport, the introduction of detox services and the development of a technical and vocational education and training centre, and the need to address staff shortages at the Children’s Service Centre. They also discussed with the Vice President the development of a new school.

Speaking with the council members, the Vice President assured them of the administration’s commitment to expediting the ongoing developmental projects in the city. He also commended the close relationship the council keeps with government ministries.

During his visit to Kulhudhuffushi City, the Vice President also met with the senior management of the schools and inquired about their needs. The principals of H.Dh. Atoll Education Centre, Afeefuddin School, and Jalaluddin School attended the meeting. They noted that they had completed all preparations and prerequisites before the commencement of the new academic year. Some of the concerns raised at the meeting include space constraints and a shortage of teachers and resources.