President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with the council members of Feeali Island in the North Nilandhe Atoll on Thursday. At the meeting held at the President’s Office, the council members noted the significant developmental progress made on the island under the administration and extended their gratitude to the President. Representatives of the Feeali Women’s Development Committee (WDC) also attended the meeting.

The President and the council members discussed the administration’s developmental plans and the most pertinent needs of the islands’ residents at the meeting. The council members asked the President to expedite the land reclamation project and work to develop a healthcare centre and a volleyball court. They also shared the need for a multipurpose hall and expediting the development of a science laboratory in the school; designating a picnic island; and developing a jetty for fishing vessels to procure ice, which would ease congestion in the harbour.

The council members also shared with the President challenges faced due to space constraints in the mosque, establishing a police post, and challenges for the healthcare centre in procuring pharmaceutical equipment. The WDC representatives shared with President Solih the challenges they face in discharging their duties, including financial constraints and a lack of adequate resources and facilities.

Speaking with the community leaders of Feeali Island, President Solih noted the importance of such meetings to inquire about the needs of the island’s residents and accommodate their requests. Assuring the land reclamation project would commence soon, the President affirmed that the administration would find ways to address the concerns raised at the meeting.