Vice President Faisal Naseem on Friday evening urged concerted efforts by government offices and institutions to improve access to public services. In his remarks, addressing a function held in Hiriya School to mark the 10th anniversary of Aasandha Company Ltd., the Vice President also stressed that all public servants should exercise the utmost levels of sincerity and ensure speedy delivery of public services without any form of discrimination.

Touching on the Covid-19 situation, the Vice President acknowledged the challenges the pandemic caused to healthcare services, especially in travelling abroad for medical needs. On this note, he emphasised the efforts by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the administration to find ways for patients to travel to India for medical needs despite travel restrictions and closed borders. He then thanked the government of India for facilitating the administration’s requests to allow travel of patients under special permits.

Speaking about the Aasandha Company, the Vice President highlighted that a large percentage of the population seeks medical treatment under the universal health insurance scheme and spoke about the importance of preventative measures to avoid and reduce the risk of falling sick.

At tonight’s function, the Vice President also officially launched the mobile application of the Aasandha Company. He also presented long-service awards to staff of the company who have been serving there since its inception, while he was presented with a commemorative plaque as a token of appreciation.