President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has visited Thaa Atoll Education Centre today, met with the School's senior management, and discussed key issues and concerns. The meeting was held this morning at the Thaa Atoll Education Centre.

The heads of the educational institution highlighted that six new classrooms are under development to improve the school’s infrastructure. They also discussed various other concerns at the meeting, including the need for more resources, such as human resources and requested budget increments for maintenance works. Some parents present at the meeting also shared their concerns regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the student computer tablets.

While addressing their concerns, President Solih assured them that he would discuss with the relevant authorities to address the issues. He also highlighted the importance of vaccination to overcome the Covid-19 Pandemic, and reiterated that plans were underway to revise the remuneration structure for the education sector and provide salary increments from next year's budget.

Prior to the meeting, President Solih visited the construction site of the 100 Housing Unit Project in Thimarafushi Island. initiated to address the housing scarcity on the Island. The project was contracted to SJ Construction Private Limited. The project cost over MVR 71،510،250, and the contractor is required to complete the project within a one-year period. Significant progress had already been achieved, including the masonry, laying of roof beam on 64 Units and the plastering work on 42 Units, laying roof truss on 56 Units, and roofing of 32 Units.

The President also visited the site of the road development project and the Island’s Health Centre. He toured the health centre premises and spoke to several members of the staff, inquiring about their concerns and avenues of medical service improvement.

President Solih’s visit to Thimarafushi Island is the first destination in his ongoing trip to 7 islands of Thaa Atoll. The President is accompanied by cabinet ministers, senior officials from the President’s Office and a delegation of high level government officials.