The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has, on Monday, published the evaluation criteria for the physical verification process for assessing the current living conditions of applicants. The committee stated that the standards had been compiled with the technical expertise from the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

Citing that the public disclosure of the evaluation criteria prior to the inspection may lead to fraudulence, the committee announced that it had decided to withhold the specifics of the evaluation standards until the temporary lists of flat applicants were publicised.

The criterion for the following categories have been published in the Government Gazette today:

H4 (Doctors and Nurses)
H5 (Teachers)
H6 (Single Parents)
H7 (married people aged 18 - 40)
H8 (Male' Residents)
H9 (Citizens in Malé Municipality Registry)
H10 (Persons with Disabilities and Family)