President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has extended his condolences to the family of the late Dr Ibrahim Umar Maniku. In a telephone conversation with Mohamed Umar Maniku earlier today, President Solih said he heard of his brother's passing with a heavy heart. The President extended his sincere condolences and gratitude to the late Ibrahim Umar Maniku for his invaluable contributions to Central Hospital and for being one of the leaders spearheading the development of the Maldives Tourism industry.

The late Dr Ibrahim Umar Maniku was the first anesthesiologist in the Maldives. He was the Senior House Officer in Anesthesia at Central Hospital from 16th October 1982 and was promoted to the post of Senior Registrar in Anesthesiology prior to leaving the hospital on 21st April 1988.

The late Dr Ibrahim Umar Maniku was also one of the Directors of Universal Enterprises. He founded Malé Aerated Water Company (MAWC) in 1983, playing an important role in the import of Coca-Cola and related products to the Maldives. MAWC had been awarded the President's Award of Recognition for Outstanding Services in 1998 for their contributions to national economic development.

Dr Ibrahim Umar Maniku passed away at the age of 68 while receiving treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.