The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has publicised the temporary list of applicants for H9 category (Male' Dhaftharu) under the Hiyaa Public Housing Scheme.

The temporary list, published today in the Government Gazette, contains details of re-evaluated points for applicants under the H9 category. The Committee also stated that the list contains the Committee’s reasons for why some applications had failed to receive enough points to qualify for public housing, and the details of applicants whom they had been unable to contact in order to do the physical evaluation of current housing conditions.

The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes also invited members of the public to submit any complaints or grievances regarding the temporary list via the official Hiyaa Complaints Portal at

The portal will accept disputes regarding the H9 category list of temporary applicants from 21st September 2020 to 1500hrs on 04th October 2020.