President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sent a letter of condolence to the family of the late Mohamed Gasim, a long-serving employee of the President's Office. In his letter,  President Solih conveyed deep sorrow upon learning about the passing of Mohamed Gasim. He offered his sympathies to the family at their time of grief and prayed that Allah (SWT) grant eternal Jannat to their beloved family member.

In the letter, addressed to Mohamed Gasim's widow, Nafeesa Mohamed, President Solih noted that Mohamed Gasim had made invaluable contributions to the President’s Office for over 39 years. Mohamed Gasim last worked at the President's Office's Finance Department, before retiring on 1 May 2008, at age 65.

In his message, the President highlighted that the loyalty and commitment demonstrated by Mohamed Gasim is an inspiration to today's young workforce. He added that Mohamed Gasim's integrity and honesty, as he led the Budget and Proprietary Department at the President’s Office as Director-General, stands testament to his trustworthiness and loyalty.

Mohamed Gasim started his career in the Government on 15 June 1964.  He served the Government in various capacities, starting his career working as a secretary at Vuzaarathul Ma’arif (Ministry of Education). He also served in various capacities at the President’s Office, including Manager of Budget and Accounts, Financial Controller, Deputy Director, Director and Assistant Director-General. Mohamed Gasim received his second pension on 15 June 2004.

Mohamed Gasim passed away while receiving treatment, at the age of 78.