The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has invited the public to submit complaints disputing the points allocated to any person on the temporary lists of flat applicants, through the Committee's dedicated complaints portal. The Committee announced this via a statement published in the Government Gazette today, regarding the complaints portal for the temporary list of flat applicants for the four 'Hiyaa Public Housing Project' categories, publicised on 24 August 2020.

The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes publicised the reviewed temporary lists of applicants for the categories; H4 (Doctors and Nurses), H5 (Teachers), H8 (Male' Resident) and H10 (Persons with Disabilities and Family).

The Committee has also announced that any persons who wish to dispute the temporary list of applicants may submit their grievances via the official Hiyaa Complaints Portal at before 1500hrs on 14 September 2020.