The President convened his Cabinet of Ministers today for an online discussion regarding additional steps the Government will take, to accelerate the country’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Cabinet members gave their input relevant to the best ways of further easing temporary restrictive measures, for the President’s consideration.

These discussions are now taking place within the context of a substantial and consistent daily decrease in the number of active COVID-19 cases. The Government continues to deliberate upon and implement measures to restore business activity and livelihoods, without compromising the gains it has made in the continuing fight against the coronavirus.

During today’s meeting, the ministers also expressed their collective gratitude towards their former peer, Ms. Aminath Athifa, who recently resigned from her cabinet portfolio as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, to attend to her health. The President and the Cabinet acknowledged the sincerity and dedication with which Ms. Athifa served her country, and wished her a speedy recovery from her illness.

On the President’s instructions the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is now dissolved and its responsibilities shifted to the renamed Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (formerly the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure).