President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has extended the partial opening of government institutions from June 14th to June 18th. Government institutions will be allowed to open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 0900 hours to 1300 hours to complete urgent tasks and provide essential services. During this period, general members of the public may not enter the premises of any government building to seek service.

This decision was publicized today as the 17th directive issued by the President’s Office this year. Similar to the 16th directive, it also states that if there is a need to complete a task outside of the specified time periods, a relevant authority should determine whether it is necessary for employees to be physically present in office to complete it. They must also ensure that only the minimum number of employees are utilized.

It is incumbent on government institutions to inform the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the exact nature of the work they wish to undertake, and to seek advice prior to requiring employees’ physical attendance in office. All government offices are to comply with all safety-measures outlined by the HPA to protect against exposure to COVID-19.

The President reiterates that employees who are able to provide their services through online platforms should continue to do so at home.