Vice President Faisal Naseem has held discussions with senior officials and representatives of institutes administered under the National Drug Agency and clarified details of their duties and work.

Along with the Senior Officials of National Drug Agency (NDA), the discussions were joined by theMinister of Gender Family and Social Service, Aishath Mohamed Didi, Attorney General, Uz Ibrahim Rifath, Prosecutor General, Uz Hussain Shameem, and Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed.

The primary focus of the discussions was towards taking care of people, managing the persons currently in NDA and in the society and ways of providing adequate services regardless of the stringent protective measures taken against COVID-19. The Vice President also clarified the difficulties being faced in provision of services during this global pandemic and the procedure for providing drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services during these trying times. The discussion further highlighted the procedure of providing treatment and recovery services and managing persons in outer Atolls during a lockdown situation.

During the online discussion held today, the Vice President urged all persons, partners and professionals involved in providing drug prevention and rehabilitation services to collaborate and work together towards overcoming the obstacles faced due to the cautionary measure taken against COVID-19.