Delivering remarks at the launching ceremony of the ‘Furaatha’ campaign, which is themed around giving back to the community and promoting community service, the First Lady emphasized that each person has a responsibility to contribute towards the common good.

During the event, which was held at the Maldives National University (MNU), the First Lady elaborated that individual success is only possible within the context of a prospering society, and that therefore everyone has a broader responsibility towards their fellow citizens.

The First Lady stated that it is the obligation of all citizens to work together to build strong communities and nurture positive social values such as empathy and kindness, and contribute to programs prioritizing such goals. She further highlighted the importance of leading by example by being compassionate role models for future generations.

The ‘Furaatha’ campaign is being led by MNU University to encourage individuals and communities to take initiatives and embrace values that will benefit society as a whole. An underpinning sentiment behind it is that a simple act of kindness can have exponential effects, positively impacting the lives of several people. The MNU has planned numerous community-based programmes under this campaign targeted to various age groups, which are to commence in the near future.