President Mohamed Nasheed has assured that his Government would not fall victim to corruption. Addressing the people of Guraidhoo of Male’ Atoll during his visit to the island this evening, the President also said that his Government would never harm the people or act with resentment towards anyone of this country.

Speaking with the people, President Nasheed noted that it would be difficult for the Government to deliver on the promises to the people without winning a majority in the Parliamentary elections.

Continuing his address, the President said that if he were to act in enmity towards some people in the country, he would not be able to consolidate democracy and introduce good governance in the Maldives.

President Nasheed said that sustainable development could not be achieved if the promises made to the people were linked to the elections. He assured the people that none of the promises he made to the people of Guraidhoo were linked to the forthcoming election.