President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has urged all citizens to stand steadfast in upholding Islamic Aqidah, stressing that it is the holy and patriotic duty of every Maldivian to uphold the tenets of Islam. The President made this statement in his message to the country on the anniversary of the Day the Maldives Embraced Islam.

In his message, President Solih commemorated how the Almighty Allah led Maldivians to the Islamic Aqidah some 893 years ago and congratulated all citizens on this joyous occasion. He said that the greatest blessing bestowed upon the Maldives is the Islamic Nūr and guidance of the Almighty and urged everyone to remember and value this blessing.

The President also emphasised that it is duty of all parents, guardians, teachers and education professionals to take steps to ensure that youth and children are educated and informed about the religion. He further said that the means to stop integrating non-Islamic values into the community and disrespecting the religion was to build faith from a young age through imparting truthful knowledge about Islam.

In his message, President Solih further spoke about maintaining unity and strengthening the ties of kinship that exist in the community, and urged everyone to be compassionate and forgiving towards one another.