President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today met with Councillors and senior institutional representatives from Alifushi island of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll. During the meeting, President Solih enquired about the needs and concerns of the residents, as well as ongoing projects and future development plans of the island.

Speaking at the meeting held at Alifushi Health Center, the President noted that a key objective behind meeting Councillors is to enhance his administration's understanding of the needs of the public in a bid to integrate essential projects within the scope of the next year’s budget. The President highlighted that these meetings will also assist his administration in understanding development plans, opportunities and efforts that affect the daily lives of residents to understand concerns of precedence that can be addressed through proposed amendments to the Decentralization Act.

During the meeting, Alifushi Councillors praised the government for proposing amendments to the Decentralization Act, paving the way for Councils to play a wider role in the development of their constituencies.

Moreover, the Councillors relayed details of several concerns and pressing issues such as upgrading health services on the island, the need to develop facilities and services in the education and utilities, and other infrastructural developments.

Speaking at the meeting, the President shared updates and timelines of projects marked within the scope of the 2019 government budget and expressed that individual delays and unresolved issues would be taken up with relevant line ministries to ensure that they are given due attention.