Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with six Members of Parliament (MPs) representing constituencies from Haa Dhaalu Atoll this afternoon at the President’s Office to discuss and deliberate on policy and development issues pertinent to the region. This meeting was held at the invitation of the Vice President, as part of this administration's keenness to engage with elected officials and senior government figures to better gauge our citizens' development needs and implement policies accordingly. Several cabinet ministers,senior officials from sectoral ministries, as well as senior representatives of relevant state-owned enterprises were also present and provided their input on the issues discussed.

During the meeting, the Vice President assured that this administration does not favor any particular region in allocating resources to development, to ensure that national progress occurs equitably. He noted that meetings such as these are held specifically to ensure that nationwide needs are met by working together closely with all constituencies.

The MPs updated the Vice President on progress and developments in various spheres in their atoll, encompassing health, education, housing and infrastructure. Accordingly, the Vice President and MPs spoke regarding the progress relevant to: the atoll’s two airports; ensuring access to healthcare and services to individuals with disabilities, including the provision of free school based therapy for young persons with disabilities; inter-island and inter-atoll ferry systems; the construction of harbors; and solving the various social issues faced in the atoll. The discussion also touched upon the need to implement policies and projects that would specifically benefit the youth, and the various steps this administration has already taken to help individuals with disabilities.

The Vice President and MPs discussed ways in which they could effectively resolve all of the challenges related to these areas.