The National Awards Council has held an information session for the benefit of individuals who wish to submit their own or another’s name for consideration to win the President’s National Award for Special Recognition. The information session was held at the President’s office this afternoon.

During the session, representatives from the council answered questions from the participants and clarified their queries regarding the application process for the awards and reiterated that applicants must adhere to the application guidelines for the awards. They also encouraged applicants to compete in categories where fewer applications were anticipated.

Names to be considered must be submitted to the President’s Office via a special form addressed to the National Awards Council. These forms are available from the President’s Office during official working hours or, alternately, can be downloaded from the official website: The forms must be submitted by the deadline of Tuesday, September 15th 2019.

This year's President's National Award for Special Recognition will be presented at the special ceremony commemorating Republic Day.