Proposed amendments to two laws, these being: the Presidential Elections Act and the Privileges and Protections for Former Presidents Act have been submitted to the People's Majlis.

The proposed amendments have been submitted in the spirit of fulfilling this administration's pledge to review all legislation to remove any provisions which were crafted to either unduly advantage or punish a particular person.

Concerning the Privileges and Provisions for Former Presidents Act, the provisions regarding stripping a former President or the First Spouse of their privileges and protections should they have been convicted of a crime committed during the respective President's official term, have been amended. Henceforth this provision cannot be applied retroactively and applies to Presidents who are convicted of a criminal offence only after this legislation was enacted.

Under the proposed amendment to the Presidential Elections Act, the provision barring candidates from contesting should they have sought protection from a foreign government or attained foreign citizenship less than a period of 10 years prior from giving up asylum or foreign citizenship, will be removed entirely.