Delivering remarks at a ceremony to mark the launching of Ooredoo’s E-commerce platform, ‘Moolee’, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih lauded Ooredoo as an exemplary representation of successful foreign investment in the Maldives, emphasizing that his administration is extremely welcoming of further foreign investment. The President also noted that several other foreign institutions in addition to Ooredoo have invested in the Maldives and continue to contribute countless benefits to our country.

Focusing on 'Moolee', the President stated that innovation and apps such as the aforementioned demonstrate the transformative role played by digital technology in enhancing the quality of life. Further, he remarked on the boon that this platform would provide to small and medium businesses by facilitating easier methods for online purchases and sales.

The President also remarked that in addition to communications, digital technology and innovations such as 'Moolee' confers the greatest benefits to the education and health sectors and that such benefits would greatly enhance the Maldives’ human resources. Speaking more broadly on the game-changing benefits technological advances continue to play in our society, the President’s remarks highlighted several ways in which digital technology has produced tangible and beneficial effects on the socio-economic circumstances of the Maldives, including education, health and tourism sectors.

The President also expressed his confidence that forthcoming strides from digital innovations and technological advancements are crucial factors on the path to unlock the full potential of Jazeera Raajje.