Vice President Faisal Naseem has delivered remarks at the Golden Jubilee of Haa Dhaalu Nolhivaranfaru School, during which he stated that one of the highest services you can render another is to teach them what you know, in the spirit of progressing education.

The Vice President also lauded the school for the singular strides they have achieved in education, evident in the exceptional academic performance of its students over the years. The Vice President remarked that this has only been possible due to the collective efforts of everyone.

His remarks also touched on the high priority that this administration gives to education, noting further that education should not be limited to classrooms.

The Vice President noted the importance of provisioning students with a basic set of skills and values that will help them grow up to become responsible members of the community.

During the ceremony, new school uniforms were also unveiled, to be used by the school's students from the year 2020 onwards.