President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has delivered his Independence Day address to the Maldivian people on the occasion of the Maldives' 54th Independence Day.

In his address, the President expressed that as we embark on another year as a sovereign state, the administration's foremost objective is to ensure wellness and unity in the community through policies that focus on improving housing, infrastructure, health and social welfare. He noted that his administration's goal is to afford all Maldivian citizens with the means to realize their potential and live fulfilled lives enriched with civil liberties and economic prosperity.

The President further emphasized that freedom is the fundamental right that defines us as humans; it is an inalienable birthright that should never be taken away and the freedoms to which all Maldivian citizens are entitled to should never be compromised or undermined, for any reason. He further expressed that reflecting on and comparing measures of freedom in the past, the present and our expectations for the future is a necessary exercise to ensure that our constitutional principles and Islamic values are protected.

Additionally, he stated that independence is cherished by all nations and that our sovereignty allows us to stand on equal footing with the rest of the international community. He noted that under his administration, the Maldives will firmly maintain its autonomy through all developmental strides and diplomatic associations. The President also highlighted the principle that the freedom conferred by being recognized as an equal within the international community should be matched by freedom at home, adding that this is best accomplished by upholding the liberties and values enshrined in our constitution.

This Government, he remarked, will do all it can to ensure that the citizens of this country are not only never deprived of our constitutional liberties, but will also have our freedom and voices magnified by implementing an ambitious development agenda, unprecedented in its scale, that will enrich and enhance the quality of life. The President also stated that fulfilling the vision of a decentralized 'Jazeera Raajje' that is economically prosperous and beneficial to all Maldivians in all corners of the country is his greatest national duty and privilege.

The President expressed confidence and optimism for the future of our nation, especially in light of our promising youth who continue to flourish in all fields. This, he remarked, was recently demonstrated by our women's table tennis team at the 10th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) held in Mauritius, representing the talent and tenacity intrinsic to all Maldivians.

The Government will ensure that Maldivians are not only free from foreign influence but are also free from want and the evils of bribery, corruption and the abuse of state authority, the President remarked. He expounded further than this can only be achieved through cooperation from the entire populace, and urged all Maldivian citizens to embrace our civic duty to do our part in progressing this great nation.

The President ended his remarks by wishing all beloved Maldivians a very happy Independence Day.