The Vice President has concluded his current visit to the Southernmost Maldives' Atolls of Addu City and Fuvahmulah City, and returned to Male' City today.

The visit included trips to several different islands, with the first stop being Addu City Hulhumeedhoo where he toured the road development project ongoing in the island. The next stop was Addu City Hithadhoo where the Vice President visited important locations and facilities within the island such as the powerhouse, regional hospital and schools located on the island.

Following this visit to Addu City, the Vice President visited Fuvahmulah City where he toured several important landmarks and facilities such as the Atoll Education Centre, Schools, Hospital and the road development projects ongoing on the island. He also met with senior members from these facilities to discuss the progress, concerns and suggestions for future prospects. The Vice President also visited and enquired on the health of some patients seeking treatment at the Fuvahmulah Hospital.

The Vice President met with Addu City Councillors and Fuvahmulah City Councillors separately during his trip to discuss the current issues and hindrances affecting the livelihood and socio-economic progress of the region, and also discussed suggestions from the Councillors for further development projects.