Delivering a speech at Thaajudheen school at the ceremonial launching of the nationwide ‘school breakfast program’, the Vice President of the Republic of Maldives, His Excellency, Faisal Naseem expounded on some of the key benefits thereof. This program is a key policy initiative of this government pertinent to the education sector. By ensuring that all students have access to a healthy meal first thing in the morning, the Vice President noted, this program will prove a boon to student’s health and well-being, and also assist them to pay attention and retain information during lessons. This will, in turn, prove conducive to their overall development and future success.

The crucial role played by breakfast in children’s development is why this administration has placed such a high priority to implementing this program. Further, it will also alleviate some of the difficulties confronted by parents and guardians, who either because of financial or time constraints, struggle to provide early morning meals to children for whom they are responsible, prior to the start of the school session. With the successful inauguration of this program today, a total of 57,817 students across 180 islands were provided with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.