Vice President Faisal Naseem has called upon the graduates to develop an intellectual mentality in par with education acquired and to utilize the education and skills acquired in the best and most beneficial way for the nation. He made this remark while speaking at the 2018 convocation ceremony of Cyryx College held at the Dharubaaruge this evening.

During the event, the Vice President emphasized that we have a lot of educated people in our society but what we lack is people with good manners and humanity in their hearts which match the level of knowledge acquired. Speaking in this regard he called upon the graduates to think about what is happening in the nation and to work on building a caring and respective society.

Moreover, the Vice President also noted the measures taken by the current administration to ensure that an educated and capable generation exists in the country. He also extended deep appreciation to President Solih for facilitating Maldivian students the chance to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree for free.

Furthermore, speaking during the ceremony Vice President stated that Cyryx College is an institute that makes important contributions to the human resources of the Maldives’ job arena and stated that it is noteworthy to celebrating that more than 23000 students have graduated from Cyryx College within the past 25 years.