Chief Scout, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that enjoying the outdoors as part of living a healthy, active and positive lifestyle is something that the government encourages. The President made this remarks while speaking at Wood Badge Reunion banquet held at Jamaaludhdheen School tonight.

While speaking at the event the President highlighted that when the Scout Movement was introduced 60 years ago in the Maldives, the Association had been highly influential in the development of many Maldivians during their formative years, instilling important social values in them. The President also highlighted that scouting is a movement that teaches important values such as to be kind, trustworthy and considerate. President further mentioned that the community would be stronger and better when more values and principles of scouting are present within it.

President Solih highlighted that the Maldives is an island nation blessed with a natural beauty that is the envy of the entire world, and noted that one of the priorities of the scouting movement is also to instil a love of the outdoors.

The President further stated that alongside plans for development, the administration will put in every effort to ensure the preservation of the country's natural beauty.

During the event, the Scout Associaiton of Maldives presented a token of appreciation to the Chief Scout, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Several Maldivian scout leaders, as well as foreign Scout leaders took part in the event.