President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that as the bearer of the responsibilities of all the Maldivian people, it is his top priority to develop human resources in the country and that the belief of the government firmly lies in bringing development to the self and character of all individuals. The President made this remark while speaking at the convocation ceremony of Islamic University of Maldives held this evening at Dharubaaruge.

In his message, President Solih stated every graduate plays a significant role in the development of the nation and that every penny and every minute spent on education is a timeless investment towards the contribution to the development of the country.

Emphasizing on this point, the President further stated that the reason the government allocated such a huge portion from the national budget for education is because of the government's belief that the country will attain development with the investment in the education sector.

In this regard he shed light on the governments focus on providing a free degree program for those students who pursue higher studies in Maldives and reduction of interest rate to 3% for those students who pursue loans for attaining higher education from abroad. He also stated that the payback period for student loans have been extended by 25%.

Furthermore, the President highlighted that the education attained by the graduates will be the foundation of their lives and advised the graduates to build a life on that groundwork with commitment and integrity at every aspect of their lives. He also urged the graduates to build better societal ties based on respect, kindness, friendship, fairness, and honesty.

Moreover, the President has stated one of the key target of the education policy of this government is to ensure every student who enters the society after graduating, is nurtured to be steadfast in the true Islamic teachings for the betterment of the society.

He further stated that thus, the graduates are a valuable investment for the development of the nation and that the nation will be shaped based on how well the graduates use their knowledge. He also urged the graduates to actively participate in the nation building.