President Mohamed Nasheed last evening hosted a special reception in honour of the artists participating in the Hay Festival Maldives. The reception was held at the Official Residence of the President, Mulee-aage.

2000 year old island culture of the Maldives will be celebrated in this first instalment of the literary and cultural festival to being held in the Maldives.

On holding the festival in the Maldives, President Nasheed earlier said, an up and coming democracy with the most beautiful beaches on the Earth – the Maldives – would be the perfect backdrop for the Hay Festival.

He further noted, “Hay Festival is internationally recognised as providing a platform for discussion of leading cultural, political and scientific matters, and the Maldives is the logical setting for the vital debates which affect us all.”

Climate change will be one of the main topics of discussion for the Hay Festival Maldives, in addition to literature, history and music.

Hay Festival Maldives began in Male’ last evening, with the rest of the festival activities continuing in Aarah today and tomorrow.