President Nasheed has today said that the government planned to promote and strengthen the field of arts education in the island of Dhiyamigili. The President made this statement during his meeting with the people of Dhiyamigili, as part of his tour to Kolhumadulu.

Noting the historical significance of Dhiyamigili, the President said that he has now directed the National Centre for Historical and Linguistic Research to restore and preserve the Dhiyamigili Palace. He stressed that the purpose of this was to showcase our proud history to the whole world.

In addition, he said that as part of government’s housing policy, the government planned to construct 50 houses in Dhiyamigili which will be given on an instalment basis. He added that the construction of these 50 houses would begin in mid this year. He also said that as part of its efforts to provide basic services to the people, the government would soon provide services including electricity, water supply, sewerage system and cooking gas to the people in a more convenient manner.