President Mohamed Nasheed today opened SIMDI Trade Show 2010, organized by SIMDI Company Private Limited.

The trade show being held at Kurumba Maldives features a huge range of innovative products of SIMDI Company and is attended by a number of international suppliers.

SIMDI Company is a distributor of products of international brands both to resorts and to local consumers.

In his opening remarks at a ceremony held at Kurumba Maldives this morning, President Nasheed reaffirmed the government’s commitment to develop private sector.

He said the government considered businesses and private investors as the development partners, and private sector was at the heart of government’s development policies.

The President also reiterated his belief that it was “not the business of the government to be in business.”

Rather, he said, the function of the government was to regulate and assist the private sector.

Speaking on the tourism industry, the President said tourism sector was recovering from the recent global economic downturn, and the success and resilience of the tourism industry was due to suppliers and logistics companies such as SIMDI Company.

Highlighting the government’s tourism development policy, the President revealed the government’s intention to focus on developing mid-market tourism. He said the government was working to set up the legislative framework to enable the development of mid-market tourism in the Maldives.