President Nasheed has appointed members to the Pay Advisory Board. Minister of State for Finance and Advisory Mr Ahmed As-ad was appointed as the Chairman of the board.

Other members appointed to the board are:

 Dr Abdul Muhsin Mohamed, Vice President of the Civil Service Commission
 Dr Isam Mohamed, Under Secretary at the President’s Office
 Mr Abdulla Ali, Director at the Judicial Service Commission
 Ms Fathimath Shihab, Director at the Ministry of Economic Development
 Ms Shahida Abdul Rahman, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports
 Mr Ibrahim Jihad, President of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 Mr Hussain Hilmy, Assistant Secretary General of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry

The board would review and make recommendations to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury on the structure and policy issues of pay of all the employees of the Government, public companies and employees of independent institutions.