President Nasheed has re-established the Council for Higher Education and appointed Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed as the President of the Council.

Other members appointed to the council are:

 Dr Musthafa Luthfy, Minister of Education
 Dr Aminath Jameel, Minister of Health and Family
 Uz Hassan Latheef, Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports
 Mr Ali Hashim, Minister of Finance and Treasury
 Mr Mohamed Rasheed, Minister of Economic Development
 Dr Ibrahim Didi, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
 Dr Ahmed Ali Maniku, Minister of State for Education
 Dr Isaam Mohamed, Under Secretary at the President’s Office
 Uz Ibrahim Rasheed Moosa, Dean of the Kuliyyathul Dhiraasaathul Islamiyya
 Dr Hassan Hameed, Rector of Maldives College of Higher Education
 Dr Mohamed Shiham Adam, Executive Director at the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
 Mr Mohamed Shafeeq from the business community

Following the res-establishment of the council, changes has also been made to its mandate. The council would give advice on the establishment and management of policies regarding entry requirements for universities, colleges and other educational institutions. The council will also advice the government on setting up higher education policies and provide technical expertise on to higher education institutions run by the government and private sector.