At a press conference held this afternoon at the President’s Office, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today briefed the media on Maldives donor conference 2010 to be held in Bandos Island Resort from 28 – 29 March.

He said that the government has identified five priority areas necessary for a stable framework to achieve the new government’s key objectives in the Strategic Action Plan 2009-2013.

These five priority areas, he explained, are:

- budget support and macroeconomic reform
- public sector reform
- good governance initiatives
- social development
- climate change adaptation

Vice President emphasised the need to make the conference a success, Dr Waheed said the government was hopeful that pledges will be made by donors during the conference.

He said the Maldives was famous for peace, security and stability in the country and added that we should not allow this image to be tarnished.

Referring to the incidents that had occurred in Male’ during the past few days, Vice President expressed great concern and said that the government would do everything possible to resolve the issue.

At the press conference Dr Waheed also highlighted on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

He said the main purpose of his visit was to assure the Saudi government of Maldives’ commitment to continue the close fraternal ties that exist between the two countries, and to rally support for the donor conference.