100 Day Pledges - Health

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Completed Pledges Count 14
Completed Percentage 93%
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Regulation on packaging and labelling of tobacco products gazetted that prohibits selling of single stick cigarettes and introduces graphic warning on tobacco products. (The regulation will be implemented starting 31st May 2019)
• Television programs has been prepared in partnership with PSM to raise awareness among public on products that are harmful to health.
• Has started NCD clinic on a regular basis in 6 islands of HA. Atoll
Benefits • Increased public awarness on products that are harmful to health will minimize the usage of such products.
• The unattainability of single stick cigarettes for purchase and graphic warning will minimize smoking.
• Clinic services specialized for non-communicable diseases will be available in all the islands.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Information thalassaemic children residing in islands were identified and compiled. Islands where medicines were unavailable were identified and medicines were made available through STO pharmacies on those islands.
• Uninterrupted access to medicines were ensured in all the islands through STO pharmacies.
• A Serum Ferritin machine was provided to atoll hospitals that lacked a Serum Ferritin machine. To ensure continuous healthcare services via a sustainable mechanism all health services facilities will be sending a detailed monthly report to the Ministry of Health.
Benefits • Medicines and services needed by thalassaemic chilren will be available in the region they reside.
• Difficulties faced by children and their families in getting treatment will be minimized .
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • All inhabited islands now connected through a VPN, allowing health facilites to be connected through the same network. Vinavi - aasandha portal in operation in all inhabited islands of HA Atoll.
• In each facility with Aasandha services, enabled features that allows uploading patient history, examination reports and X-ray details, etc.
• Doctors given accessibility to access patient medical history.
Benefits • All Aasandha medical reports of each person is accessible through one portal.
• The mechanism will provide easy monitoring of patient medical records to pave way for efficient treatments.
• Swift transfer of information among government health facilities for easy services.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • A program to ensure the implementation of a regular program to reduce mosquitos, rats, and bats across Maldives has been established. (This program will be carried out by HPA and Councils.
• Teams for the implementation of this program have being allocated
• Teleconferencing arrangements have been put in place for HPA to convey instructions and information to Councils.
Benefits • Reduction in mosquito breeding sites and diseases due to a reduction in breeding sites for mosquitos and other vectors.
• Increased public awareness on diseases spread by mosquitoes and other vectors.
• Increased awareness on damage caused to trees by bats and mice.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • A symposium was held on 30th December 2018 with 60 members including medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and indigenous medicine specialists.
• Identified areas the Government can support to further develop ingenous medicine industry, compiled action plan.
Benefits • Development ofingenous and alternative medicine through supportive Government policy.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Center for mental health was established in IGMH on 25th March 2019
• Services previously unavailable for mental health patients were made available through this centre.
• Sub-specialist treatments introduced. (For eg, child and adolescent psychology, geriatric psychology, etc)
Benefits • Mental Health treatments through national healthcare system
• Ensure accessiblity and affordability of treatment for mental health through Aasandha insurance coverage.
• Established a viable environment that can build trust and confidence in the system.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • MoU signed with a Singapore Company to monitor the quality of pharmaceuticals imported to Maldives.
• Samples were taken to test the quality of imported pharmaceuticals.
Benefits • Ensures the quality of the pharmaceuticals available in the Maldives
• Reduce probability of using low quality medicine.
• Provides guarantee for the people that the pharmaceuticals available in the Maldives are upto international standards.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Network of civil society organistions working in the mental health sector has been established.
• A Mental Health bill has been drafted under the mental health strategic plan
• To address the difficulties in attaining approved medicines, negotiations are underway with STO to ensure continuous supply of medicines.
Benefits • Efficient treatment for those requiring mental health care made available within the healthcare system in a trusted enviornment.
• Increase people's awareness on mental health issues.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Patients can now cancel appointments via sms and arrangements have been put in place to regularly update waiting lists.
• The appointment system will be reviewed every three months and the waiting list updated periodically.
Benefits • Specialist consultations to be arranged within a week at IGMH
• Waiting duration for specialist doctors are reduced and therefore, the expenditure and difficulties in accessing immediat treatment reduced.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Nationwide program targeting diabetic patients formulated.
• Under this program a special camp was held in K. Thulusdhoo from 22nd to 23rd March 2019.
• Work currently underway to build a “one stop diabetic Center” in Dharumavantha hospital.
Benefits • Improved access to support facilities for diabetic patients.
• Well trained doctors providing treatment.
• Treatment expenses and burden carried by diabetic patients in accessing treatment minimized.
• All diabetic related treatment can be accessed from one location.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • Screening for tuberculosis has been initiated in phases in H.Dh.Kulhudhuffushi and G.Dh.Thinadhoo by introducing gene expert services for diagnosis of TB.
• 211 people from the health sector screened during the first phase.
Benefits • Early detection and treatment of TB
• Drug resistant TB easily detected through the gene expert machine
• Instead of coming to Male’ for treatments patients are able to get treatments from two additional regions in Maldives.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • HPV vaccines have been given to all female students aged between 10 and 14 years (with parental approval) in 8 schools. By end of April 2019 vaccination will be completed in all schools in Male’.
• For female students of this age group (with parent approval) in the atolls HPV vaccination will be completed with in the first week of May.
Benefits • Reduces the risk of cervical cancer.
• Reduces the risk of HPV related illnesses.
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Health
Tasks • First Responder training has been given to 67 taxi drivers in Male’
• To ensure land ambulatory services in all islands, procurement of ambulances underway
• Work ongoing to establish a centralized ambulatory service call center.
Benefits • Availability of first aid during emergency situations
• One central number for all types of medical emergency services.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Education
Tasks • Screening program conducted by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of health has been reviewed
• A system for medical checkups has been set up in hospitals and health centers in Atolls
• Medical checkups to be conducted for students in L.K.G and grades 1, 4, 7. However, if any health problems are identified progress will be monitored and followed up.
Benefits • Identification of health conditions at an early stage leads to earlier treatment
• Maximizes health awareness and helps in building a generation with better health and wellbeing
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Youth, Sports And Community Empowerment
Tasks • 5 public places in Male’ have been allocated for exercising
• An outdoor gym named “Ameenee Sandhares” was opened on 25th March 2019
• Work underway to open outdoor gyms in 4 other places within the next month
Benefits • Assists in building a healthy society