100 Day Pledges - Islam & Culture

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Completed Pledges Count 4
Completed Percentage 67%
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Islamic Affairs
Tasks • A mosque in HA. Baarah and F. Dharanboodhoo now generates electricity from solar power for its air conditioning.
• During the first phase of the project, a total of 25 mosques throughout the country will be air conditioned by power generated through solar energy.
Benefits • All infrastructure development projects will now factor in the use of renewable energy sources
• Mosques will adopt contemporary and energy efficient designs
• Expenses incurred through electricity generation and consumption will be reduced
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Islamic Affairs
Tasks • Program to teach Quran in mosques commenced in 70 mosques around the country.
• Plan formulated to further develop this program including the idenitifcation of additional mosques where it will be implemented.
Benefits • Enhances religious unity and love for Islamic values in the community
• Access to Quran instructors throughout the country, without additional expenses.
• Building islamic values and benefits of religion in future generations
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Islamic Affairs
Tasks • Arrangements made to ease access for women to pray at the Islamic Centre
• A number of mosques have been identified to where arrangments will be made to allow easy access for women to pray.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Finance
Tasks • Pension Act amended to allow financing of initial hajj pilgrimage with existing pension funds.
• By way of this amendment, individuals may utilise pension funds up to 50% of the total official value of the initial Hajj Pilgrimage
• Regulations are now being formulated for the disbursement of the pension funds, for the purpose of performing and individual's initial hajj pilgrimage
Benefits • Increased opportunities for those without financial means to undertake their initial Hajj pilgrimage.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Arts, Culture And Heritage
Tasks • Heritage Bill drafted in consultation with the Attorney Generals’ Office, Local Government Authority and all Local Councils, and submitted to the Parliament.
• A tentative list of all National heritage sites was gazetted on 27 March 2019. The current list is based on the available literature compiled by historians.
Benefits • Maintenance and protection of national heritage sites, preservation of sites for future generations.
• National heritage sites maintained under established legally mandated regulations.
• Greater access and increase in information about national heritage sites.
Website mach.gov.mv/category/tharikalist
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Arts, Culture And Heritage
Tasks • Kalhuvakaru Mosque located on the first day of the current Government.
• As decided at the Cabinet Session on 31 December 2019, restoration of Kalhuvakaru Mosque at the Chadhanee Magu-Medhu Ziyaaraiy Magu intersection (former Dhiraagu Head Office lot) is in progress