100 Day Pledges - Good Governance

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Completed Pledges Count 7
Completed Percentage 64%
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Tasks • Following the approval of the Cabinet and Parliment,the Maldives submitted its application to rejoin the Commonwealth of Nations on 6 December 2018
• Procedural pre-requisites are currently being met to rejoin the Commonwealth
Benefits •End policy of isolation, increase and strengthen international engagement and diplomatic ties.
• Benefits of Commonwealth membership restored.
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency The President's Office
Tasks • Preparations underway to host conference in June 2019.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Attorney General's Office
Tasks • A team has been tasked with reviewing existing loans and contracts, to begin process of renegotiating those which result in further indebtedness.
• Through joint efforts with the Ministry of Finance, agreements that have been signed with foreign parties involving loans and soverign guarantees are in the process of being reviewed.
• 11 agreements have been fully reviewed, while the intial review of 20 other agreements have been completed. Upon the request of relevant institutions 6 agreements on various projects to be undertaken by foreign aid have been reviewed and recommendations have been proposed.
Benefits • Identification of loans and agreements that infringe on the country's sovereignty.
• Renegotiation of loans and agreements in line with national interests resulting in stabilsation of national debt.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency The President's Office
Tasks • 18 services and powers that the previous government seized from city councils in 2015, 2016 and 2018 have now been restored.
• Implementation and overseeing of road construction projects in cities and islands have been delegated to city and atoll councils
• The Ministry of Islamic Affairs is currently in the process of delegating the task of maintaing mosques as well overseeing staff and determining budgets to island councils
Benefits • Delegate authority to and build capacities of councils to provide swift services for their constituencies.
• Establishment of empowered councils that provide equitable, quality services that result in greater public confidence.
• Greater confidence and acceptance of decentralisation as a result of beneficial decentralised services for the public.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Attorney General's Office
Tasks • Evaluate and identify challenges that limit decentralisation and determine ways to strengthen the system
• Seek constructive input from stakeholders and the public to reform the decentralized system where gaps are identified
• Bring necessary amendements to the Decentralization Act informed by the views and opinions of the stakeholders and public
Benefits • Ensure swift service provision and execution of development initiatives through the financial empowerment of councils
• Increase role of women in decision-making through gender quotas in councils
• Strengthening of decentralised system leads to reduced decongestion in Male', facilitation of pleasant livelihoods in all islands.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Communication, Science And Technology
Tasks • Travelled to selected islands and collected information for the website
• The website provides information on travelling to these islands, services available from the islands, heritage sites, and various tourist attractions
• The website was launched on 25 March 2019
Benefits • Promotion of individual islands under thematic areas as part of the over-arching goal of promoting local tourism
• Opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises that provide tourism services to thrive at the island level
• Develop skills in photography, videography as well as other similar promotional content creation in islands, enable locals to earn a living from these means.
Website www.islands.mv
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency The President's Office
Tasks • A review of the audit reports of all Government Offices and State Owned Enterprises has been conducted to identify loopholes conducive to corruption.
• Identification of efficiency gaps and deliberations of practicaly measures to over come such issues currently underway.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Home Affairs
Tasks • A Jail audit committee was established and all jails/detention centres were inspected.
• The Committee met with relevant stakeholders to collate information and researched reports pertaining to the Maldives Prisons Systems prepared by independent institutions and those presented to UN Bodies. - the jail audit report is now completed.
Benefits • Facilities managaged by the Maldives Prisons System will meet the conditions required under international treaties and conventions the Maldivees is party to.
• End politically motivated exploitation of prisoners.
• Assurance of fundamental rights of all prisoners.
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency Ministry Of National Planning, Housing And Infrastructure
Tasks • Research how other states have set up similiar initiatives
• Work underway to incorporate a think tank into the structure of the Government.
Status In Progress
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Youth, Sports And Community Empowerment
Tasks • Work underway to compile regulation on Youth National Council.
• Under this regulation, a 15 member council will be set up representing different sectors and Government institutions.
• The council's main objectives will be to provide advise to the Youth Minister, identify challenges facing youth and propose solutions to the Minister to resolve such issues.
Benefits • Icreased youth participation in decision making and organisation of social activities.
• Creates platform for new and innovative ideas for tackling different social issues.
Status Completed
Allocated Agency Ministry Of Gender, Family And Social Services
Tasks • Expired ID cards can now be used to access Aasandha services.
Benefits • Ease of access to Aasandha Services for all citizens
• Access to Aasandha Services during emergencies
Website aasandha.mv/dv/media/33