The President’s Office has begun a series of consultations today on solving existing difficulties in the publication of official announcements in the Government Gazette.

Speaking at the inaugural session held at the President’s Office today, Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair noted the successful passage of one year after the decision was taken up by the President’s Office to publish all official announcements in the Government Gazette. He expressed gratitude to participants for their cooperation in the successful publication of the Gazette.

Addressing the meeting Under Secretary Hussain Amir reviewed matters for which government offices should extend extra caution. He noted the absence in some announcements of an adequate period of application and the lack of a considerable period of expiry in matters related to the submission of bid estimates. He noted instances where the Press Office had received complaints including the caution that such omissions may lead to allegations of paving the way for corruption.

The consultations on the publication of the Gazette will continue in line with an inclusive and pre-determined schedule.