President Mohamed Nasheed this morning met with UNDP Deputy Regional Director at the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific Ms Ligia Elizondo.

During the meeting held at the President’s Office, President Nasheed and Ms Elizondo discussed UNDP programmes in the Maldives.

At the meeting, President Nasheed said due to the issues with project management, completion of a number of development projects was delayed. He sought technical assistance from UNDP to strengthen the area of project management, and noted the importance of establishing a central project management office.

The President also spoke on giving more emphasis to project monitoring, and implementing projects in a way the projects would ensue the maximum benefit to the Maldives.

Ms Elizondo assured the President that the UNDP would continue to have good relationship with the Maldives. She also said the UNDP could work with the government in monitoring the development projects. She also said the UNDP would continue to advise the government on development projects, and their implementation with the best interest of the people in mind.

Other areas of discussion during the meeting included decentralization programme and establishing a climate adaptation centre in the Maldives.