President Mohamed Nasheed has met with Former President of India Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. The meeting was held at the President Office, this afternoon. The President greeted Dr Abdul Kalam when he arrived at the President’s Office.

Speaking at the meeting, President Nasheed thanked the Former President of India for making an official visit to the Maldives. He also noted the close friendly relations that exist between the Maldives and India.

At the meeting, Dr Abdul Kalam congratulated President Nasheed for vision to make the Maldives the first carbon neutral country in the world, and shared his views on the President’s vision.
During the meeting, Dr Abdul Kalam also made a presentation to the President on how he thought the Maldives could move towards achieving the goal of carbon neutrality.

After the meeting with the President, the Former President of India met with a delegation of Maldives cabinet ministers led by Political Advisor of the President Hassan Afeef.

At the meeting with the ministers, Dr Abdul Kalam sought information from the ministers on their respective areas.

The Former President of India arrived in the Maldives this afternoon on an invitation of President Nasheed.